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Joaquin Acosta, PharmD, MBA - 06 / May / 2021

Why CBD is the next big thing for racing

Why CBD is the next big thing for racing

It's high time that the racing community steps up and takes care of their bodies in order to remain competitive on-track. Fortunately our pharmacists are cannabis experts and have studied ways CBD can provide powerful relief on race day and during long travels from a race to another.

You may have heard of CBD from the internet, newspapers, or television. The racing community has been warmly embracing the healing and other performance properties of CBD since the passage of the farm bill in 2018. Drivers and crews have been turning to CBD for muscle relief, as well as for optimal sleep & recovery, especially during long travels from one race to the next. CBD has been studied to help with inflammation that contributes to muscle aches & nerve pain, which can make it hard to perform at your best level at the track. Because racing is such a demanding sport, taking care of your body is essential in order to maintain peak performance levels both on and off the track, which is why CBD has become so popular among the racing community. Matt Tifft is a NASCAR driver who recognizes that racing can be both mentally and physically demanding. He believes CBD helps to repair some of the damage done by long races. Here are three ways people in the racing community are using CBD to help push into high gear!

1) Aches & pains on race day

Racecar drivers & crews are commonly susceptible to aches and pains due to the long hours they spend on the track and in the shop. These conditions can be exacerbated by tight racing gloves that don't provide enough circulation for their hands, leading many racers to experience hand numbness or tingling during races. CBD is often used as an inflammation reliever, which gives a natural alternative to NSAIDs like ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory over-the-counter drugs like acetaminophen.

Topical CBD can be a fast and effective spot-treatment for these ailments and you can expect relief within a half hour after application. We at Pharmtrue develop high performing topical CBD products. All of our products are pharmacist formulated blends of quality natural ingredients that work synergistically with CBD to provide superior results at an incredible price.

2) CBD, Nootropics, & Caffeine for supreme focus

On raceday, you have to be alert to be able to win. Period. And while it may be tempting to resort to coffee and energy drinks, these substances often have extremely high doses of caffeine which can impair your performance if consumed at the wrong time of day- or even just before racing.

This is why we developed a product that is helping local teams get the edge who race at Vado Speedway Park. Have you ever heard of a noottropic?

Nootropics are substances that have cognitive-enhancing effects and can be used to improve the memory, concentration, motivation, information processing speed, intelligence quotient (IQ), creativity on various tasks.

The nootropic that we use in combination with CBD is Alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine (Alpha-GPC). In light of recent research, our pharmacists combined Alpha-GPC and caffeine with CBD to create a breakthrough product that could help users focus. Racing teams are using this product to increase their focus on the track and as a result, are seeing an improvement in performance. A typical team will use our Zone capsules before racing or practice sessions because it helps with motivation and concentration during those intense periods of time.

3) After long hours of traveling it can be hard to fall asleep.

One of the most rewarding parts about racing is getting to see new places and experience different cultures. The one downside is how much travel can make you feel drained, so it's important to have CBD & Melatonin products in your arsenal for quick natural sleep. CBD Sleep products with melatonin come in various dosage forms: gummies, oils, & capsules. The most popular products are the oils and gummies. For people who need to fall asleep quickly, oils have the fastest onset of action. Candy lovers also have a choice with gummies: savor them slowly until they take effect or get in quick before they melt! Capsules are traditional, but just as effective.

Photo by Diana Orey on Unsplash