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Joaquin Acosta, PharmD, MBA - 08 / Aug / 2021

National CBD Day August 8: What you need to know

National CBD Day August 8: What you need to know

This blog post is to recognize and celebrate National CBD Day on August 8. Some of the big mountains to climb in the cannabis industry include overall awareness, more research, and less stigma, and CBD has played it's part perfectly so far since the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill.

National CBD Day is recognized on August 8 as a holiday that was created to celebrate the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill and highlight how much awareness people in America have about CBD. It's important because there are still many myths out there, with some people who haven't even heard of it before. There are also still lots of questions about using CBD from when to take it, how much to use, what products are best for which purposes, and more. Here we'll answer all those questions so you can enjoy National CBD Day without any worries!

When should I take CBD or give it to my pet?

The best time to take CBD is completely dependent on you and your specific needs. Some people take CBD proactively in anticipation of some form of stressful or inflammatory event. Others take it reactively and use it to spot treat aches, stiffness, or provide calmness after a stressful day or activity. In terms of timing, when taken systemically, the CBD will not reach its peak activity for at least an hour, and its best absorbed with a high fat meal. Topical use can provide much faster relief when used properly.

And because pets have different metabolisms than humans, some people give it to their pets before they go for a walk at night or after feeding them so that it's better absorbed into their system. Trigger moments like fireworks, social anxiety, travel, are places people look to use CBD for their animals.

How much CBD should I be using?

Again, dosing does become very subjective due to research limitations, however we will always reinforce the golden rule of cannabis, which is start low and go slow. By low, that can be as little as 5mg and increase from there. Take the time to find your dose.

What products are right for me?

Each product will have different concentrations of CBD, so it's best to stick with one brand and figure out what works for you. We here at Pharmtrue are proud to boast some of the most cost competitive price per milligram of CBD on the market on top of our rock solid product formulations designed by our team of 3 pharmacists. Shop our lineup today!