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Joaquin Acosta, PharmD, MBA - 20 / Aug / 2021

CBD for Golfers: 3 Ways it Can Help You on the Course

CBD for Golfers: 3 Ways it Can Help You on the Course

Knowing which CBD product is best for you can help relieve both pain and inflammation during your golf game. This blog aims to explain the difference between each product, so that together we can find out which product will fit your needs. If you're looking to play marathon rounds of golf but are worried about dealing with aches after playing since some days it seems like every swing feels different from the last round...this article lays out 3 ways in which CBD may be able to help ease or eliminate discomfort during play.

Golf is one of the most well loved, and often played, outdoor activities in Las Cruces, NM. But what if you're at the golf course and feel your neck start to stiffen up? Maybe you even have some pain in your back or shoulder from taking too many swings at the driving range all week, and you didn't recover properly. What can you do about it? Well, luckily there's a natural solution! CBD is gaining steam as a top-choice to help golfers with muscle stiffness, inflammation, and chronic pain relief. These are just some of the common problems which affect most golfers on the course. This article will inform golfers about how CBD can help them get back on the right track, and have a little pain-free fun with their favorite sport.

Here are 3 ways to use CBD for golfing:

1) Rub into sore muscles for immediate relief

Do you ever notice your competition seems to be able to manage their injuries better than you? Have you ever considered they may be using CBD products for golf and not telling you? Perhaps this is the case, winners don't often tend to share their secrets. It is possible to use CBD as a way of managing your discomfort and receiving pain relief on the course.

First, you'll want to rub it into sore muscles for some immediate relief. By immediate, you should notice results within 15-30 minutes and expect them to last around 2 hours. This can be useful if you have chronic issues that are worsening- meaning they need more than just temporary fixes like ibuprofen or aspirin. Not only do NSAIDs ruin your gastrointestinal tract, but they can raise your blood pressure and cause severe bleeds.

Topical CBD is a very safe alternative to manage pain vs over-the-counter medications like NSAIDs and acetaminophen. This is where Pharmtrue comes in. Our topical CBD products are pharmacist-formulated, meaning our team of pharmacists spent years obsessing to make sure they develop a perfectly dosed blend of powerful natural ingredients.

2) Take CBD orally before golfing for a tranquil mind and to attack mild inflammation

Many users report that CBD helps them "turn off their racing mind" in a positive, non-sedative way. This is perfect when you consider how mental of a game golf can be! If you are feeling down or need an extra edge to focus on your next shot, don't forget about cbd oil for the course. With millions of cb2 receptors in your body to respond to the CBD, you can also expect mild inflammation relief after the CBD undergoes first pass metabolism via the liver.

3) Take oral CBD for sleep & recovery

The importance of sleep for both your body and mind is paramount and it directly translates to your performance on the golf course. Sleep allows you to recover from the day, boost immunity and make fitness gains! The amount that an individual needs is unique based on how they have been sleeping as well their strenuous days throughout the week. A quality night's rest with our CBD & melatonin products helps provide users all around peace and tranquility when other circumstances don’t allow them to get a full 8 hours in each night. To golf at your best for 18 holes, it's important to take care of yourself. Get your rest.


*photo by tyler hendy from Pexels