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The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming


  • Drying & Curing Hemp 15 Oct

    The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming Drying & Curing Hemp

    Understanding how to correctly cure and dry hemp or cannabis is one of the most vital steps for anyone in the industry. Many first-time farmers and growers often overlook the drying and curing process and end up out of the soil unprepared to implement a proper drying & curing protocol. These steps are crucial for maintaining enjoyable and high-quality hemp, and hemp products. In this article we will explain all of the necessary things about drying and curing hemp. 

  • Harvesting Hemp 30 Sep

    The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming Harvesting Hemp

    Harvest is one of the most overlooked yet critical stages in your hemp farming process. It is a tricky and difficult process, especially at scale. Here in the Hatch Valley of Southern New Mexico, we learned in real-time and applied many tried and true methods to effectively harvest our crop.

  • Hemp Disease 01 Jul

    The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming Hemp Disease

    If you have chosen to farm hemp, then it's only a matter of time until you encounter disease in the field or greenhouse. The first thing to do is know which diseases are common in these crops so you can identify and prepare accordingly. We encountered a few different diseases after our first season growing just north of Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the Hatch Valley.

  • Hemp Pest Management 11 Jun

    The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming Hemp Pest Management

    Integrated pest management is a vital component in the proactive holistic approach that is used to control pests, weeds and pathogen diseases. IPM is the best solution to an economic and ecological problem that is related to pesticides. Every climate and region has it's own pests and we'd love to share our knowledge after learning from our hemp farm in Southern New Mexico.

  • Hemp Seeds & Clones 29 May

    The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming Hemp Seeds & Clones

    Human beings have enjoyed a mutualistic relationship with cannabis or hemp for thousands of years. With evolution and the emergence of technology, modern growing methods are not the same as they were in the past.

  • Hemp Irrigation 28 Apr

    The Ultimate Guide To Hemp Farming Hemp Irrigation

    Hemp is quickly being recognized as one of the most popular crops that the earth provides. It is one of those plants that may be cultivated in different situations and soils. When it comes the cultivation hemp crops, you will quickly realize the importance of water and a good schedule for your field. According to the research held at Colorado State University, industrial hemp requires 25-30 inches of rainfall during its growing season.