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Joaquin Acosta, PharmD, MBA - 04 / Aug / 2021

The Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Conference: Get Ahead of Your Competition

The Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Conference: Get Ahead of Your Competition

The Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Conference, presented by Pharmtrue, focused on the rapidly emerging cannabis industry in our region, discussing an array of topics ranging from cultivation and licensing to sales and irrigation. It was the perfect opportunity to learn and network within the New Mexican Cannabis Community as the legalization and commercialization of cannabis in the state kicked off.

Post-Conference Presentations (Pics Coming Soon)

Cannabis 101 - RLD
Licensing Presentation - RLD
NMDA 2021 Cannabis Presentation - Brad Lewis
NMSU Hemp Research - Hanah Rheay

Post-Conference Reflection

We had a great time at the Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Convention. It was much better than we could have ever expected and there's clearly been an overwhelming buzz about cannabis in Southern New Mexico to be extremely proud of! Thanks again to Superintendent Linda Trujillo, & Robert Sachs from the New Mexico Cannabis Control Division for your informative discussion directly with our united community looking to build this emerging market. With all of these positive developments happening around here, it looks like cannabis has a very bright future ahead - so let’s do our best as one community to make sure that happens!

Conference Podcast Links

Pre-Conference Blog

We here at Pharmtrue are excited to announce the first annual Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Conference on August 28, 2021. This event is a great opportunity for cannabis cultivators and entrepreneurs to learn the best practices from experts in the industry. With new regulations on cultivating cannabis, this conference will provide an invaluable head start for your competitors. Sessions are led by notable NM professionals with years of experience within the science behind cultivating cannabis and using that knowledge as capital for success in business today's market.

New Mexico Cannabis Control Division-

The state of New Mexico has recently put in a regulatory framework for the production and sale of cannabis products. These regulations are administered by the Cannabis Control Division, located in the state Regulation and Licensing Department. This conference will feature Q&A and presentations from the Superintendent of the CCD and the Deputy Director of Policy regarding Upcoming Commercial Cannabis regulations in the state of New Mexico. This is critical information for future applicants and entrepreneurs in the space who look to decrease the friction of the overall licensing process.

New Mexico Department of Agriculture-

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture will still play a critical role in the cultivation of cannabis within the state. Topics to be covered by the Division Director, Brad Lewis, are:

  • NMDA requirements regarding sale of viable plants (nursery)
  • Pesticide Regulations
  • Other NMDA regulations- weigh scales, labeling for weight, seed sales

All of these topics are hot topics for growers and Brad Lewis will be available after his presentation for Q&A as well.

Cultivation Processes-

Lucas Ogaz, Agronomist and Co-founder of Pharmtrue will discuss cannabis cultivation, including soil health and farm/greenhouse management. Ryan Sires of Propagation Solutions will present of cannabis farming automation and fertigation systems.


Hanah Rheay, MS, Chemical & Materials Engineer at NMSU will present her research of NMSU hemp variety trials, which will have plenty of valuable considerations for growers in our climate/environment.

Legislation and Licensing-

Everyone hate's the headache of paperwork and regulatory bodies, but you can't avoid them.

The Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Convention will be giving an update on licensing and legislation in New Mexico, as well as discussing how to obtain a license from the state for cannabis production. Joaquin Acosta, Co-founder of Pharmtrue will disucss the application process, and Zeke Rodriguez of Continual Growth LLC will discuss the "Legal Aspects of Recreational Cannabis- Production to Consumer". The speaker's will also be available after the presentation for Q&A.

When you consider bringing all of these resources together for one event, it is more than we could have ever hoped for in one place. Buy your tickets today.

The Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Conference: Get Ahead of Your Competition

Aug 28, 2021 • 227 S Main St • Las Cruces, NM

This one day event provides an opportunity for attendees to learn from experts on the latest expectations for the new recreational cannabis industry in the state of New Mexico. Attend the Southern New Mexico Cannabis Cultivation Conference to get ahead of your competition.